Where Can I Go to Find More Information About Becoming an Air Force Officer?

March 03, 2021
United States Air Force Emblem

Air Force OTS is the most interactive ‘all things becoming an Air Force Officer’ resource I have found. The site is run by Officer Candidate School (OCS) graduates to assist all patrons interested in pursuing a career as a military officer (there are separate sites for all military branches). It is a forum – so it’ s a great place to go if you have lots of questions. Check it out!

If you’re looking for general information concerning Officer Training School (OTS), AFOTS.com is a good place to start. The personal statement and ‘Surviving OTS’ information is informative (note: it is based on one individual’s 2013 OTS experience).

Air Force Journey (airforcejourney.com) provides a comprehensive breakdown of the OTS application process, which includes frequently updated Air Force Officer Selection Board Information.

For more ‘front-end’ Air Force information have a look at the .mil website: af.mil. If you’re interested in learning more about a particular air force base, each installation maintains a website (e.g., Little Rock AFB). URL format is generally: www.BASENAME.af.mil, just punch in your desired base and you’re good to go.