Hi there! My name is Tom, I’m the guy who created AFOQTGuide.com. After serving 4 years in the Air Force, I decided it was time to pursue a college education. While attending the University of Michigan, I found studying for the AFOQT cumbersome and time consuming – largely due to the lack of a quality, unified study guide. Enter AFOQTGuide.com. This site puts all things AFOQT in one place and (hopefully) makes your life a little easier. Happy studying!


Ohh… and a note about the intent of this site. AFOQTGuide.com was originally created to help me organize my AFOQT study materials and do well on the test. Mission accomplished – I passed the test in July of 2012 (keeping my fingers crossed for a 13OT01 selection)!

What this site is not: An ad hawking, AFOQT book selling oasis. Yes, there are ads displayed and some books for sale. Their purpose is to provide you with additional AFOQT study resources and give you some insight regarding which books/sites will best help you on your quest to conquer the AFOQT. Please do not hesitate to contact me if there is a product being recommended on AFOQTGuide.com that was not useful to you.