AFOQT Scores: Minimum Requirements Explained

June 01, 2021

Minimum AFOQT scores that Air Force Officer applicants must attain include a 15 (Verbal Composite) and a 10 (Quantitative Composite). In addition, aspiring pilots must also score a 25 (Pilot Composite) and 10 (Combat Systems Officer Composite) to become eligible for consideration.

Minimum Required Scores for All Air Force Officer Applicants (Rated/Non-Rated):

Verbal Composite: 15

Quantitative Composite: 10

Minimum Required AFOQT Scores for Rated Air Force Officer Applicants:

Pilot (Includes Remotely Piloted Aircraft (RPA) Position): Verbal: 15 Quantitative10 Pilot: 25 CSO: 10

Combat Systems Officers (CSO)Verbal: 15 Quantitative10 Pilot10 CSO: 25

Air Battle Managers (ABM): Verbal: 15 Quantitative10 ABM25

As you can see, the required AFOQT scores vary depending upon your desired career field. The Air Force Officer Qualifying Test (AFOQT) is divided into 12 subtests and scored according to 7 composites comprised of several combinations of said subtests. There are 5 composites that have minimum score requirements. For further information re: how to read AFOQT scores have a look at our previous score calculation post.

*Keep in mind these are MINIMUM REQUIRED scores. Selectee scores are often significantly higher. If you are unsatisfied with your scores after taking the AFOQT, weigh your options carefully. Take stock of the other components of your package (GPA, type of degree, experience, prior service, references, etc.). Remember: your most recent AFOQT score is no longer the only one that counts. The Air Force released ‘super-scoring’ guidance that allows applicants to utilize their best score for a given composite whether it occurs during an initial or subsequent attempt.

Note: Confirm the updated scoring information with your recruiter (and/or other person 'in the know') before you accept it as gospel. Have a look at the Air Force AFOQT Pamphlet for some additional information, too