Word Knowledge

The word knowledge portion of the AFOQT measures verbal comprehension by testing your ability to understand written language. For each question you are to choose the answer that means the same as the capitalized word.

Subtest Information: Time: 5 MinutesItems: 25

Word Knowledge


(A) silent

(B) sour

(C) ornament

(D) talkative

(E) pleasing

Rather than spending your time memorizing hundreds or thousands (perhaps tens of thousands) of words that may appear in this section of the test, familiarizing yourself with English prefixes, roots, and suffixes makes better use of your time – and ensures you’ll be prepared come test day!

Ohh, and the answer to the question is: (A), silent.

Practice Questions:


A. Migraine

B. Zero gravity

C. Buoyancy

D. Airborne

E. Underground


A. Ambulance

B. Milieu

C. Temperature

D. Mixed

E. Excited


A. Remember

B. Estimate

C. Verify

D. Collaborate

E. Spinning


A. Depravity

B. Torrential

C. Acidity

D. Polish

E. Imperceptible


A. Fuzzy

B. Effervescent

C. Indolent

D. Yellow

E. Affectionate


A. Illegitimate

B. Soaked

C. Cumulous

D. Fortress

E. Showers


A. Friendly

B. Chastise

C. Improve

D. Pacify

E. Hasty


A. Rigid

B. Patriarch

C. Traitor

D. Anxious

E. Focus


A. Chopped

B. Innocent

C. Nefarious

D. Founder

E. Excellent


A. Sophrosyne

B. Ostentatious

C. Rainbow

D. Reform

E. Solar




  1. E (Sub is a prefix that means under. Terrain means ground. Subterranean means underground)
  2. D (Ambi is a prefix that means both. Ambivalent means that one has mixed feelings about something)
  3. B (Extra is a prefix that mean beyond or more than.  Extrapolate means to estimate something beyond known range)
  4. A (-tude is a suffix that means state or condition. Turpitude is the state of being vile)
  5. C (Sloth means having the disposition of avoiding exertion or being lazy)
  6. D (Bastille is French for fortress, castle, or bastion)
  7. C (-ate is a suffix that means of or having the appearance of. Ameliorate means to improve or become better)
  8. D (Consternation means to fill with anxiety, confusion, or dread)
  9. B (-Ex is a prefix that means not. Culpa is from the Latin root word meaning fault. Exculpatory means cleared from a charge or guilt)
  10. B (Hubris means excessive pride or arrogance)

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