Aviation Information

The Aviation Info subtest is designed to gauge your knowledge of basic airplane functions and mechanics. Understanding the forces that act upon an airplane in flight and becoming familiar with Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) rules and regulations (if you are not already) will also be helpful. Though the questions on the Aviation Info portion of the AFOQT will typically not be as in-depth as the questions on FAA exam(s), it is better to be over-prepared than not prepared:). You will have 8 minutes to answer the 20 items in this subtest.

Here are a couple of Aviation Info example questions:

1. Which control is used to rotate an aircraft about its vertical axis?

A) Elevator

B) Rudder

C) Aileron

D) Flaps

E) None of the above

2. Movement about an aircraft’s lateral axis is known as:

A) Pitch

B) Yaw

C) Roll

D) Drag

E) Lift



Answers: 1: B, 2: A