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your resource for the Air Force Officer Qualifying Test. The study guides, practice exams, and recommended materials provided here will help you prepare for the AFOQT and set you down the path to becoming a commissioned officer in the United States Air Force.

This site is structured to cater to you and your AFOQT study habits. If you prefer to prepare for the test on your own, check out the study guides & practice exams to review the areas in which you might need a refresher. If you’re like me and appreciate all the help you can get – check out some of the study tips listed below. And, if there’s something missing that worked for you please let me know!

AFOQT Study Tips

  • Begin your AFOQT study regimen by taking a practice exam to determine if you have any area(s) that need improvement.
    • Remember to keep time constraints in mind.
  • If Possible, Begin Studying for the AFOQT at Least One Month Before Your Scheduled Test Date.
    • Designate a time to study each day – and stick to it!
    • Eliminate distractions (you’ve heard it a million times… maybe there’s something to it?) by finding a quiet place where you’re unlikely to be interrupted.
  • Study Actively!
    • Write, write, write and then write it down again!
    • Make flash cards
    • Come up with your own test questions
    • Always do your best to simulate test conditions (e.g., no calculators, memorize time constraints)
  • Study, Even When You’re Not Studying
    • If you come across a word you’re unfamiliar with – make note of it and look it up later
    • Think about test questions and how they apply to everyday life (e.g., you might see a bird and consider how it compares to an airplane – where is the bird’s fuselage, wing flaps, ailerons, etc.?) Silly example, but you get the idea.
  • Remember, The AFOQT is a Multiple Choice Test
    • Answer every question – you won’t be penalized
    • Start each subtest by finding and answering a question you know (or are 99% sure you know)
    • Be careful when filling in your answers if you have skipped previous questions. You don’t want to fail your test over a silly bubble sheet.


AFOQT Form T Format

The AFOQT Form T Test consists of 310 items divided into 11 subtests. You’ll have nearly 3 hours (171.5mins – to be precise. Note: this does not include break time or the self description portion of test) to complete the standardized test with several breaks along the way – much like the SAT or ACT tests.

 AFOQT Subtests  Number of Items  Time (min)
Verbal Analogies  25  8
Arithmetic Reasoning 25  29
Word Knowledge  25  5
Math Knowledge  25  22
Instrument Comprehension  25  5
Block Counting  30  4.5
Table Reading  40  7
Aviation Information  20  8
Physical Science  20 10
Reading Comprehension  25 38
Situational Judgment  50  35
Self-Description Inventory*  –  –

‘*’: Why no study guide for the self-description inventory? This subtest is similar to a personality test. You’ve likely encountered questionnaires similar to this one (e.g., perhaps you participated in a study as a requirement for an undergraduate psychology course). No need to prepare for this portion of the AFOQT. Just answer the questions and you’re good.