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AFOQT Practice Tests & Study Guides

The AFOQT (Air Force Officer Qualifying Test) is a standardized test that most aspiring Air Force Officers must take prior to accepting a commission. The study guides and practice tests provided here will help you prepare for said test and set you down the path toward a rewarding career in the United States Air Force. is structured to cater to you and your study habits. If you prefer to prepare for the test on your own, check out the study guides & practice tests to review the areas in which you might need a refresher. If you appreciate all the help you can get – check out some of the study tips listed below. And, if there’s something missing that worked for you please let us know!

Before you dive in – take a few moments to familiarize yourself with the AFOQT ‘Form T’ format. The ‘Hidden Figure‘ and ‘Rotated Block‘ Subtests are NO LONGER on the AFOQT. The ‘Situational Judgment‘ and ‘Reading Comprehension‘ Subtests are now in place. The ‘General Science‘ Subtest has also been swapped out in favor of the ‘Physical Science‘ Subtest.

AFOQT Form T Test Format

The AFOQT Form T Test takes close to 5 hours to complete when factoring in time for instructions and breaks. Actual test time (i.e., time spent answering questions) is 3 hours 36 minutes.

Note: Pilot, CSO & ABM Columns Show Which Subtests Are Scored for Rated Career Fields
SubtestTest Time (minutes)ItemsPilotCSOABMAcademicVerbalQuant
Verbal Analogies8 25XXX
Arithmetic Reasoning29 25XX
Word Knowledge5 25XXX
Math Knowledge22 25XXXXX
Reading Comprehension 38 25XX
Situational Judgment 35 50
Self-Description Inventory*45 240
Physical Science 10 20
Table Reading 7 40XXX
Instrument Comprehension 5 25XX
Block Counting4.5 30XX
Aviation Information 8 20XX

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Challenge Yourself to Memorize the Allotted Times for Each Subtest Today. After Knowing the Material, Test Timing Familiarity is the Greatest Advantage You Can Give Yourself.

  • Study Guides: Use anytime, anywhere you have an internet connection.
  • Study Later: Download two test-anxiety busting practice tests for less than the cost of a tank of gas. They’re forever yours in PDF format, sent directly to your inbox upon purchase.
  • Develop a study regimen that works best for you and aligns with your desired Air Force Officer career choice (e.g., a prospective pilot’s ‘Math Knowledge’ Subtest score is included in 3 separate composite scores. Great information to have before you begin your studies). For more information regarding AFOQT Test Scoring and developing your own study regimen, have a look at the Prep for the AFOQT in 6 Weeks or Less page.
  • Would you like a free Form T Practice Test? If you are willing to provide your thoughtful feedback (i.e., be part of our peer-review program) in exchange for your test Contact Tom today.
    • The test is complete (310 questions), it was written by PhD candidates, just requires editing (punctuation, grammar, accuracy check).

The study guides are arranged by subtest. Click on a study guide heading to view the corresponding practice questions.

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Verbal Analogies

This subtest measures your ability to reason and see relationships between words.

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Arithmetic Reasoning & Math Knowledge

This Arithmetic Reasoning Subtest measures your numerical problem-solving abilities.

This Math Knowledge Subtest measures your understanding of mathematical terms, relationships & principles.

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Word Knowledge

This subtest measures your vocabulary comprehension.

Reading Comprehension

This subtest measures your ability to read and understand written material, to include implied content.

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Aviation Information

This subtest measures your knowledge of avionics.

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Physical Science

This subtest measures your knowledge of concepts that are central to the physical sciences.

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Table Reading

This subtest measures your ability to read tables quickly and accurately.

Instrument Comprehension

This subtest measures your ability to determine the position of an aircraft in flight by reading instruments showing its compass heading.

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Block Counting

This subtest measures your depth perception by testing your ability to ‘see into’ a three-dimensional stack of blocks to determine how many other pieces a given block touches.

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Situational Judgment

This subtest is designed to measure your judgment as it pertains to interpersonal situations that might be similar to those encountered by Air Force Officers.

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AFOQT Study Tips

Learn By Doing

  • Begin your AFOQT study regimen by taking a practice exam to determine if you have any area(s) that need improvement.
    • Remember to keep time constraints in mind.
  • If Possible, Begin Studying for the AFOQT at Least One Month Before Your Scheduled Test Date.
    • Designate a time to study each day – and stick to it!
    • Eliminate distractions (you’ve heard it a million times… maybe there’s something to it?) by finding a quiet place where you’re unlikely to be interrupted.
  • Study Actively!
    • Write, write, write and then write it down again!
    • Make flash cards
    • Come up with your own test questions
    • Always do your best to simulate test conditions (e.g., no calculators, memorize time constraints)
  • Study, Even When You’re Not Studying
    • If you come across a word you’re unfamiliar with – make note of it and look it up later
    • Think about test questions and how they apply to everyday life (e.g., you might see a bird and consider how it compares to an airplane – where is the bird’s fuselage, wing flaps, ailerons, etc.?) Silly example, but you get the idea.
  • Remember, The AFOQT is a Multiple Choice Test
    • Answer every question – you won’t be penalized
    • Start each subtest by finding and answering a question you know (or are 99% sure you know)
    • Be careful when filling in your answers if you have skipped previous questions. You don’t want to fail your test over a silly bubble sheet.
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Tired of mixing and matching AFOQT study materials? Unsure which resource provides the most value? Look no further, AFOQT Guide has you covered.

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Still have questions?

What is the AFOQT?

The Air Force Officer Qualifying Test (AFOQT) is a standardized test that all candidates seeking an officer’s commission must take to become eligible for selection as an Air Force Officer. Composite scores are utilized to measure quantitative, verbal & academic aptitudes.

How Important Is My AFOQT Score?

In a word: IMPORTANT. It is not the ‘be all end all’ nor is it likely to be the sole deciding factor when it comes time for your review. The Air Force Officer Selection Committee emphasizes the ‘whole package’ concept. That said, a strong package is comprised of strong components. Utilize the study materials available to you, MEMORIZE the subtest time constraints (and work to ensure you’re able to complete the questions in the allotted time frames), and develop a study regimen + stick to it.

How Many Times Can I Take The AFOQT?

Twice. Your most recent test score is the one that counts. In RARE instances waivers are given to allow a third attempt.

What Sections Are On The AFOQT?

The AFOQT is broken into 12 Subtests. See the AFOQT Format page for detailed information.

Study For The AFOQT Like Thousands of Air Force Officers Before You.