Arithmetic Reasoning & Math Knowledge

The two quantitative sections of the AFOQT are designed to test your understanding of basic math terms and problem-solving methods taught in high school and lower level college courses. Much like the Graduate Record Examination (GRE), there are four content areas of which the bulk of your quantitative study should focus:

I. Arithmetic

      • Properties/Types of Integers:
        • Divisibility
        • Factorization
        • Prime Numbers
        • Remainders
        • Odd & Even Integers
        • Arithmetic Operations
        • Exponents & Roots
      • Concepts You Should Be Familiar With:
        • Estimation
        • Percent
        • Ratio
        • Rate
        • Absolute Value
        • The Number Line
        • Decimal Representation
        • Number Sequences

II. Algebra

        • Operations with Exponents
        • Factoring & Simplifying Algebraic Expressions
        • Relations
        • Functions
        • Equations & Inequalities (Solving Simultaneous Equations & Inequalities)
        • Setting Up Equations to Solve Word Problems

III. Geometry

        • Parallel & Perpendicular Lines
        • Circles (Find Area: (3.14)(r^2))
        • Triangles (Area & Perimeter)
        • Is√≥sceles, Equilateral
        • Pythagorean Theorem
        • Rectangles, Squares (Area & Perimeter)
        • Cylinders (Area, Volume)

IV. Table Reading

      • Ability to quickly find and record coordinates along x,y axes

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