Instrument Comprehension

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This subtest measures your ability to determine the position of an aircraft in flight by reading instruments showing the aircraft’s:

1) Compass Heading

2) Amount of Climb or Dive

3) Degree of Bank (right or left)

Subtest Information: Time: 5 Minutes; Items: 25

Practice Questions

The artificial horizon dial:

AFOQT Instrument Comprehension Artificial Horizion Dials


  • If the aircraft is climbing, the fuselage silhouette (the stationary/goofy triangular object with the addition sign protruding from it at the bottom of the dial) is seen between the horizon line (straight line) and the carrot (black triangle) - e.g., dial 2.
  • If the aircraft is diving, the fuselage silhouette is seen below the horizon line and the carrot - e.g., dial 3.
  • If the aircraft is banking left, the carrot will be to the right of center/zero - e.g., dial 3.
  • If the aircraft is banking right, the carrot will be to the left of center/zero - e.g., dial 2.

And, the compass:

AFOQT Instrument Comprehension Compass Dials Each test item has two dials and four silhouettes of aircraft in flight. You must determine which of the four aircraft is closest to the position indicated by the two dials. AFOQT Instrument Comprehension Practice Test Question Example

In the example above, which of the four silhouettes meets the specifications indicated by the dials?

  • 'B' is the rearview of the aircraft
  • 'D' is the frontview of the aircraft
  • 'A' is banked right
  • 'B' is banked left
Answer to Example Question: C

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Answers: 1) D 2) C 3) A 4) B 5) A 6) C