Rotated Blocks

The 'Rotated Blocks' Subtest is not included on the 'Form T' version of the AFOQT. See the updated format and corresponding study guides via the table below.

AFOQT Form T Test Format

No proper AFOQT prep can begin without a thorough understanding of the test format. The AFOQT Form T Test consists of 12 Subtests. You'll find corresponding Study Guides and Practice Tests for all Subtests save the 'Self-Description Inventory' portion here at

The AFOQT Form T Test takes close to 5 hours to complete when factoring in time for instructions and breaks. Actual test time (i.e., time spent answering questions) is 3 hours 36 minutes.

Each subtest below is linked to its corresponding study guide. Have a look to get a better idea of the types of questions you will encounter on test day.

Note: Pilot, CSO & ABM Columns Show Which Subtests Are Scored for Rated Career Fields
SubtestTest Time (minutes)ItemsPilotCSOABMAcademicVerbalQuant
Verbal Analogies8 25XXX
Arithmetic Reasoning29 25XX
Word Knowledge5 25XXX
Math Knowledge22 25XXXXX
Reading Comprehension 38 25XX
Situational Judgment 35 50
Self-Description Inventory*45 240
Physical Science 10 20
Table Reading 7 40XXX
Instrument Comprehension 5 25XX
Block Counting4.5 30XX
Aviation Information 8 20XX