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As you’re likely aware, there is no shortage of AFOQT study material floating around out there in the world. Books, forums, websites, official Air Force guidance – it’s easy to get overwhelmed before you ever begin your maiden AFOQT study session. has eliminated the interference for you and put the most realistic Air Force Officer Qualifying Test study materials and resources all in one spot.

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  • All practice tests available for purchase were written by PhD candidates and peer reviewed by thoughtful people just like you prior to release.
  • If you discover an error, reach out via email or our contact us page.
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  • All corrections will be posted here: AFOQTGuide Practice Test Updates

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Note: The complimentary test is the FORMER ‘S’ VERSION of the AFOQT. The Hidden Figures & Rotated Blocks Subtests included on this complimentary test are NOT on the updated ‘Form T’ Version of the AFOQT. Don’t waste your time on them! Utilize the AFOQT Guide Situational Judgment & Reading Comprehension Study Guides (replaced aforementioned subtests) to get a feel for these subtests.

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Study Guide Central Awaits You

Arithmetic Reasoning & Math Knowledge

Polish those rusty math skills of yours with these practice questions.

Block Counting

Don’t be a block head. Build your block counting abilities before test day arrives.

Verbal Analogies

Sharpen your verbal analysis with this study guide.

Word Knowledge

Learn more words!

Instrument Comprehension

Hone your instrument comprehension with this study guide.

Aviation Information

Because you can’t be a pilot if you don’t speak avionics.


Have a look at the frequently asked questions before you reach out. Someone else may have wondered the very same thing you are now.


Can I Use A Calculator On The AFOQT?

Negative. Calculators are not permitted while taking the AFOQT.


Where Can I Take The AFOQT?

This is up to you (unless you are a cadet). There are testing locations nationwide (often at Military Entrance Processing Stations (MEPS)). Get with your recruiter and/or ROTC point of contact for more detailed information.


Where Can I Go To Learn More About Becoming An Air Force Officer?

Air Force OTS is a great forum-style website for anyone who has questions about the Air Force Officer commissioning process.


When Is My AFOQT Test Date?

The date you test will be generally up to you. Testing centers will typically have several options available. Secure a test date well in advance, if possible.

Develop A Study Regimen That Works For You.

Have a look at this sample six week study schedule.