Master The Military Flight Aptitude Tests 6th Edition, ARCO (Review)

This book reviews the 12 subtests (actually, 11 not counting the self-description inventory) that make up the current version of the AFOQT. It also includes information regarding the five subtests (i.e., reading comprehension, data interpretation, mechanical comprehension, electrical maze, & scale reading) that no longer appear on the AFOQT. If you don’t mind sorting through the now unnecessary info – this a great resource.

There is a sample AFOQT practice test and several pages worth of review dedicated to each subtest. Math review focuses on arithmetic, if you need algebra/geometry review a supplementary text will be useful. Also, if you are looking for an in-depth pilot/navigator review (i.e., more info than is necessary to do well on AFOQT) you’ll want to seek additional resources.

Verdict: A worthwhile addition to your AFOQT prep collection