AFOQT Frequently Asked Questions

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Where Can I Find An AFOQT Practice Test PDF Online?

Right Here! Get the best AFOQT Form T Practice Test money can buy.

You may also download a free practice test via the linked page above.

Disclaimer: We’re biased. But, we also standby our product. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you are unhappy with an AFOQT Guide Practice Test.


How Many Times Am I Allowed To Take The AFOQT?

You may take the AFOQT twice. However, your most recent test score is the one that counts. In rare circumstances you may obtain a waiver to take the AFOQT more than two times.

Note: If you take the AFOQT and your scores just meet the minimum requirements*: P50/N50/Q50/V50/AA50, you might consider ensuring the rest of your package (e.g., letters of recommendation, resume, personal statement, interview, gpa) is superb rather than waiting to re-test and possibly scoring worse than you did the first time.

Where Can I Go For More Air Force Related Information?

Air Force OTS is the most comprehensive ‘all things becoming an Air Force Officer’ resource I have found. The site is run by Officer Candidate School (OCS) graduates to assist all patrons interested in pursuing a career as a military officer (there are separate sites for all military branches). It is a forum – so it’ s a great place to go if you have lots of questions. Check it out!

If you’re looking for general information concerning Officer Training School (OTS), is a good place to start. The personal statement and ‘Surviving OTS’ information is informative (note: it is based on one individual’s 2013 OTS experience).

For more ‘front-end’ Air Force information have a look at the .mil website: If you’re interested in learning more about a particular air force base, each installation maintains a website (e.g., Little Rock AFB). URL format is generally:, just punch in your desired base and you’re good to go.


How Long Are My AFOQT Scores Valid?

AFOQT Scores are valid for life.

How Do I Schedule My AFOQT?

Contact your recruiter (civilian), speak with fellow cadets or your Air Force ROTC POC. He or she will give you information about upcoming boards and your optimal test taking window(s). The earlier the better!

How Is My AFOQT Score Calculated?

Once you complete the AFOQT, your test will be scored across 7 separate composites. You will receive a score for each said composite:

  • Verbal
  • Quantitative
  • Academic Aptitude
  • Situational Judgment
  • Pilot
  • Combat Systems Officer (CSO)
  • Air Battle Manager (ABM)

Note: Academic Aptitude & Situational Judgment composites do not have minimum required scores. 

What Are The Minimum Required AFOQT Scores?

To be eligible for consideration for any Non-rated Air Force Officer position you must have a minimum Verbal Composite Score of 15 and a Quantitative Composite Score of 10.

Required composite scores for Rated Air Force Officers are:

Pilot (Includes Remotely Piloted Aircraft (RPA) Position): Verbal: 15 Quantitative10 Pilot: 25 CSO: 10

Combat Systems Officers (CSO)Verbal: 15 Quantitative10 Pilot10 CSO: 25

Air Battle Managers (ABM): Verbal: 15 Quantitative10 ABM25

*Keep in mind these are MINIMUM REQUIRED scores. Selectee scores are often significantly higher.


How Are The 7 Composite Scores Calculated?

Composite scores are derived from several combinations of AFOQT subtests.

There are 7 composite scores in total. Only 5 require a minimum score.

Situational Judgment: Comprised of the Situational Judgment Subtest. No minimum score required.

Quantitative: Comprised of the Arithmetic Reasoning & Math Knowledge Subtests. Minimum required score is 10.

Verbal: Comprised of the Verbal Analogies, Word Knowledge & Reading Comprehension Subtests. Minimum required score is 15.

Academic Aptitude: Comprised of the Verbal Analogies, Word Knowledge, Arithmetic Reasoning & Math Knowledge Subtests. No minimum score required.

Air Battle Manager (ABM): Comprised of the Verbal Analogies, Word Knowledge, Table Reading, Instrument Comprehension, Block Counting & Aviation Information Subtests. ABM hopefuls need a minimum score of 25. Not required for anyone else.

Combat Systems Officer (CSO): Comprised of the Verbal Analogies, Arithmetic Reasoning, Table Reading, Math Knowledge, Block Counting & Physical Science. CSO hopefuls need a minimum score of 25. Pilots need at least a 10.

Pilot: Comprised of the Instrument Comprehension, Table Reading, Aviation Information & Math Knowledge Subtests. Pilots need a minimum score of 25. Navigator hopefuls need to score a minimum of 10.

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