Best Book and Study Guide for AFOQT?

I found Barron’s Military Flight Aptitude Tests (By Terry Duran) especially useful while preparing for the aviation portions of the test. There was some review of the general knowledge sections of the AFOQT, but supplemental materials were definitely necessary. I would recommend GRE study materials for your verbal and quantitative review.

As for the study guide, I think is top notch (my opinion may be slightly biased) when it comes to AFOQT prep.

What do you think? Which book/study guide worked best for you?

Looking For A Place To Take An AFOQT Practice Test Online?

Well, look no further! There are two AFOQT Practice Tests available on Check your answers when you’ve finished.

Where Can I Go For More Air Force Related Information?

Air Force OTS is a great resource for OTS Applicants/Selects. Check it out, if you haven’t already!

How To Write the Perfect Personal Statement (Review)

Score well on the AFOQT. Check. Rejoice in happiness. Check. Write your personal statement. Ugh… Writing about yourself can be surprisingly difficult. This book won’t write your personal statement for you but it will provide a good starting point. The do’s and don’ts were helpful. There are lots of examples too. Some good, some not so good.

Verdict: If you’re having trouble telling your life story in 270 words or less, this book is a helpful resource.

Note: Make sure you answer two questions in your Air Force Officer personal statement:

1) Why do you want to join the Air Force?

2) Why are you more qualified than other applicants?

How long are my AFOQT scores valid?

AFOQT scores are valid for life.

How do I schedule my AFOQT?

Contact your recruiter or speak with fellow cadets/AFROTC POC. He or she will give you information about upcoming boards and your optimal test taking window(s). The earlier the better!

What are the AFOQT minimum required scores?

There is some debate over this issue. Fifty is the ‘average’ score for each section. To be considered for rated slots you would need to score at least a 50 in both the pilot and navigator sections. To be considered for non-rated slots you would need at least a combined score of 150 in the quantitative, verbal, and academic aptitude sections.

BUT (you knew it was coming)… the averages for people who are selected tend to be higher. The Air Force can afford to be more selective right now because they’re downsizing and not as many people are currently needed.

Here are the averages for the 2012 selectees:


Position | GPA | Pilot | Nav | AA | Verb | Quant | PCSM

PILOT 3.49 91.20 84.27 81.87 74.49 81.26 82.27

CSO 3.24 84.95 81.48 80.06 72.78 78.86

ABM 3.28 75.56 78.68 79.64 76.28 75.40

RPA 3.34 82.00 75.27 75.81 71.77 72.31 53.42


NT AD 3.58 62.23 61.37 63.13 65.36 58.35

NT Civ 3.53 71.65 75.77 81.10 81.50 74.03

Tech AD 3.26 70.00 73.00 78.50 74.50 76.00

Tech Civ 3.30 82.53 86.80 87.78 78.84 87.60


Note: Remember the whole package concept! You may be selling yourself short if you don’t submit a package because of one or two factors!

The Air Force Officer’s Guide (Review)

You graduated from college. You passed the AFOQT. You submitted your package and you’ve been selected to become an officer in the United States Air Force! Now what?! Well, you probably have a few questions you’d like to have answered. For instance, what will a ‘typical’ day in the Air Force be like? Where will you live? On base, off base? How long will you be at your first duty station? How long will it take for you to get promoted? Okay – you get the idea.

Verdict: This is a great resource for future Air Force officers who have some time to kill before leaving for OTS/their first duty station.

Peterson’s Master The Military Flight Aptitude Tests 8th Edition (Review)

Finally! An AFOQT book “designed to be as user-friendly as it is complete,” or so the authors claim. This book does look promising, though. It explains the kinds of questions you can expect to see on test day (with examples), provides 110 sample Self-Description Inventory questions, and includes a full-length AFOQT practice test.

Verdict: Looks like an AFOQT prep book with potential! Need some specific feedback on the aviation,verbal, and quantitative reviews before any gold stars are handed out.

Barron’s New GRE Flash Cards (Review)

If you’re the kind of person who dreads sifting through a reference book to find the information you’re looking for – Barron’s GRE Flash Cards provide an alternative AFOQT study aid.  Though not specifically tailored for AFOQT prep, the set includes 500 cards – 250 verbal (definitions, antonyms, sentence completion) and 250 quantitative (math facts, math strategies, quantitative comparison).

Verdict: A viable alternative AFOQT study aid that will help ensure you’re ready come
test day.